Quantalus B.V. is based in Utrecht and delivers solutions from the crossed edges of Information Technology and Finance. We focus on industries that we know and understand. Quantalus develops and delivers practical industry solutions to make your work easier.

Our expertise touches upon logistic, commercial and financial processes. Based on a result driven project plan, we invoke stepwise change during the implementation of projects. We focus on specific needs in your organization and distinguish ourselves with an exceptionally good analysis and clear presentation.


Jeroen Kea is co-founder of Quantalus and has Master’s in Information Technology from the University of  Twente and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. Jeroen is an all-around ICT professional with project experience in the field of  ICT management, ERP implemenation and software development.

Jaco Spa is co-founder of Quantalus and has a Master’s in Economics from the University of Maastricht. Jaco is a finance specialist with special interest in the field of cost management. In both for-profit as well as non-profit environments he effectively achieves the desired results.