Modern software techniques provide new opportunities to get a better insight in your data. Thanks to today’s smart interfaces relevant information is immediately available, which simplifies the use and maintenance of your data models. We help you to create value from existing data.


Knowledge about markets, customers and products is a prerequisite for any organization. Besides the complexity of modern society requires innovative software tools to assist you in organising all available information. New Machine Learning techniques guarantee faster development and more effective algorithms. This facilitates the identification of trends in prices and relationships in a variety of data sources.


Organizational processes must simultaneously satisfy several requirements. Processes must be robust, flexible and efficient. In addition, activities within a supply chain should fit together seamlessly. The management of these activities and applicable rates get increasingly important when customers and suppliers become an integral part of your own processes. The application of new techniques help to improve supply chains and increase the end-to-end efficiency. Please also have a look at the Case: Reporting per transport route

Cost information linkage

We help you attain tangible results in the following areas:

  • Data management: smart interfaces and process improvements
  • Reporting: management reports with Microsoft Power BI
  • Forecasting: algoritmes to predict future scenario's
  • Cost benefit analysis: quantitative evaluation of projects or alternative investments